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A Red Hair Girl with a Passion for Progress
Hey there—thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in Red Hair Girl Designs! A little about me...

I earned a BFA in Communication Design from the Atlanta College of Art & MS in Industrial Design from Georgia Tech.

Since 1999, most of my career in the design industry has been spent wandering in and out of various companies in Atlanta as a freelancer, with a few full-time gigs mixed in here and there. I also like to think beyond borders and work with my Australian client, circa 2004.

Working onsite for companies usually gives me an opportunity to learn many new things and meet some really awesome people! ... and I tend to have a habit of staying around for a while, as long as the invitation lasts. I am told reason being "because good production people are hard to find!"

There are many challenges in a designer's day: manipulating programs, deadlines, working with a stubborn client—all of which I do with a smile. I believe these things are all an integral part of my strong work ethic, loyality, versatility, and resourcefulness.

My personal goal is to not only exceed expectations, but bring a different perspective... a breath of fresh air... or a little *fun* into the atmosphere.

Corporate settings are not a place to really let loose, so I do that on my own time! You may see the many different projects of various mediums I use as my cathartic outlet. My personal mission is to educate people I come in contact with to be mindful of what they are putting on their bodies and how they are treating our planet.

There are many examples of how I act on my mission. I will list a few here: Participant in a yearly gala by repurposing a broken-down piece of furniture, giving it a second life; Everything and anything possible in my home gets recycled or composted before any consideration of putting in the trash to head to the landfills; Raising Awareness & Educating thru Natural Products & Lifestyle Education Parties, consumer expos, and my handmade greeting cards.

Here's to a greener future and bluer skies. Cheers!